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Aline Knippers

Donuts on Cake

Today was a good day at church. Gene wasn’t feeling too well today but pushed himself to go. We love our church and the opportunity to worship there. We miss going to Prayer Meeting and Progress BC Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm with leader Joseph Fortenberry.

Bro. Dan preached from Romans 1:18-25 on sin. It was a very good message. Rev. Connor (son of Howard and the late Shirley Alford of Progress) and Erin Alford have moved from McLaurin Heights BC where he was Senior pastor to Versailles, Kentucky in the Lexington area where he was searched out to be the Senior Pastor of Versailles Baptist Church. We are so proud of Connor and his accomplishments.

I had a special day on Thursday, 20th, Steve and Beverly took me to the Lynyrd Skynyrd memorial at Gillsburg. It was 45 years since their plane crashed. I was working at the hospital in McComb then.

During the day, I met people from everywhere. ie: Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee, New Orleans and lots of other places. I was interviewed over and over by some sweet folks that just wanted to hear the story from a nurse that took care of Leon Wilkinson, of which I was one of many. Susan stayed with her daddy while I was gone. After we got home Steve and Beverly went to the Franklinton Fair with his family. Oh! to be young enough to go to the fair again. I always loved it.

Happy birthday wishes are for Connor Brady and Bailey Hughes 30th; Halloween birthdays Barbara Baughman, Ray Durham, Sonny Hennis, Gary McGehee, Lynn Schilling, Rev. Steve Slump, and Tammy Wheeler 31st; Alexis Smith and Teresa Robinson November 1st; Dee Dee Rimes Jones 2nd; Renee Fortinberry, Rev. Danny Hood, Gene’s brother Major Knippers, Zachary Young 3rd; Michael Dunaway, Wayne Knippers Shella Lewis, Terry Simmons 4th; David Gilliam and Willadene Wilson on the 5th.

Today, October 30th, we were unable to go to church. Gene has not had a good weekend. I missed going to church and today they celebrated the Lord’s Supper and also fifth Sunday sing with dinner afterward. Bernice brought us a plate from the dinner. We thank all of our church family for this.

Michael and Sheila came and he grilled chicken, etc. It was all good. Michael took his daddy for a walk outside which was good for him.

Hollis Alford had a fall so pray for him and all us old folks as maneuvering is not as easy as it used to be. Thankfully he was able to go to church today.

Richie Forten-berry has finished his month of powerful antibiotics at the nursing home outside of Kentwood. He may be able to go home soon. He had to have surgery on his neck and there was a lot of infection. Hopefully it will be gone after this.

Birthday wishes for next week go to Allison Morea 6th; Kevin Piper and Pepper White-head 7th;Pat Brumfield, Terry Brumfield, Jonathon Huestis, Rhonda Whitehead 8th; Jan Bullock 9th; Ella Brooke McDaniel, John McManus, Jenea Partyka, Amy Rimes 10th; Jenny Cutrer, Logan Rimes, Laken Summerall 11th; Tre’ Fairburn, Alice Stewart Grimsley, Greg Kendrick, Becky Poole on the 12th.

Congratulation to Tony and Carol Breeland on their anniversary November 8th.

This is the end of Pastor Appreciation month but continue to pray for him and his family, Encourage him, and help him.

Have a safe and blessed week, Aline.

Donuts on Cake
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