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Aline Knippers

Donuts on Cake

Mason Steele was baptized in the Bogue Chitto River this Sunday at 6:00 pm. A very dear family friend, Billy Morgan, baptized him. It was last minute planning in order to have his dad, Stoney, and Billy home at the same time. This was the perfect time so there was no time to announce it ahead of time. Mason, our great grandson, Claudette Steele’s grandson, Stoney and Kathy Jo’s son, is a sweet young man and we are so proud of him. They enjoyed food and cake at Stoney and Kathy Jo’s home. It was a wonderful day for them and so sad Gene and I couldn’t attend.

It was a hot and sunny, but beautiful day to go to church. Bro. Dan preached from 2 Corinthians 12 on grace. It was a good message and one we can keep near us.

We also voted on licensing Joseph Fortenberry to preach. This young man is so dedicated to God and we know he was meant for this. He is willing to fill in wherever needed. He leads our Bible study on Wednesday evenings and does so good. We all love Joseph and pray he will continue to grow in his faith. He just entered his first year at SMCC.

We added several to our prayer requests this Sunday morning. Carl and Bernice’s daughter, Jessica Knippers, has covid and had been vaccinated. She works at North Oaks Hospital in Hammond as X-ray tech and does sonograms.

Jennifer Forest has a brain tumor that the doctors have been watching. After a recent seizure, she wore a heart monitor and now another monitor to watch for seizures.

Nathan Shad-dinger has heart problems, and needs surgery.

Hailey requested prayers for Christian Dawson with personal problems.

We also want to remember all the teachers and this school year. Open the children’s ears, eyes, and hearts for learning. Watch for children getting on and off the busses.

There are many more on our prayer list and we pray for all of them.

Birthday wishes are for Ashley Fortenberry, Judy Forman, Lila Knippers, Johnny Phelps, Ronny Phelps 14th; Donnie Copeland, James & Rebecca Brumfield’ daughter Megan Mordica, Mark Riley 15th; My great nephew Matthew Brown, Dana Fortenberry, Janice Godbold 16th; Betty Brumfield, Kelly Dillon, Bro. Billy Ray Simmons, Brad Tharp, Dr. Victor Walsh 17th; Hannah Jackson and Jennifer Rawls 19th; Catherine Brown and Ray Rimes 20th.

Anniversary wishes are for Jeffery and Misty Jo Smith 17th; Rickey and Jill McDaniel 19th. Congratulations to all of you.

And when He had called the people unto Him with His disciples also, He said unto them, ‘Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. -- Mark 8:34

Have a safe and blessed week, Aline.

Donuts on Cake