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Summer is a time kids and teens have much more free time which they usually enjoy with their friends. They go swimming, hiking, enjoying outdoors, and late-night adventures. Some teens will also start to experiment with drugs. A new study show more people try LSD, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy during the summer.

Not only is there a risk of addiction when using drugs, but using ecstasy in the summer brings about different risks. Many people use ecstasy at Electric Dance Music (EDM) festivals. They go to these to dance, which increases perspiration, and often their drug use, resulting in them not sleeping. These factors can cause an accident and possibly lead to heatstroke with the high temperatures. There are several cases of hospitalization due to these festivals.

Dr. Joseph Palamar was the lead author in a recent study to see when teens start experimenting with drugs. Experimenting tends to come along with idle time, like summer vacation where you spend time with friends and don’t have much to do.

There is a 30% increase in first time use for ecstasy and marijuana. There was also a 28% increase in cocaine use during summer.

Here are the most common signs of drug use:
- Dilated Pupils
- Red Eyes
- Hallucinations
- Abnormal Sleep Patterns
- Mood Swings
- Any Strange Behavior
- Being Overly Affectionate
- Large Pupils

One of these signs isn’t necessarily cause for concern but many of them could be. Teens tend to be moody and sleep a lot, so when it is out of character for them and there are many signs at the same time, you should act to get them help.

Finding out your child or loved one is using drugs can be scary and overwhelming. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, reach out for help before it’s too late. We help people all over the US find treatment and end the web that traps someone in addiction.

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