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Catherine Brown

Donuts on Cake

Last Sunday morning, our graduates were recognized. Blythe Anseman and Abigail Tate were the 2 graduates. They were presented a gift from the Church. Bro. LaVerne Summerlin’s message was “A Graduate's Challenge.” Our special music was by Blythe Anseman “You Say.” Was a good day in the House of our Lord.

Sunday, June 29, at 10:30 am, Freddie Spears will be our guest singer for the morning service. Then a lunch will be served after the service. Come join us for this special program.

Golden Ager for the Week is Terry (Pops) Woods, so remember him with a call, visit or card.

Ladies night out will be Friday from 6:00-8:00 pm in the Church fellowship hall. Bring finger foods. Will also be a pottery class for those who wish to do pottery.

Please continue to pray for Abe Reeves who at this time is still in ICU at Southwest Medical Center, McComb. He is very sick.

Jesus is a friend who knows all your faults and still loves you anyway.

At a crucial time in her life, a young Christian woman cried out to the Lord. She was despairing over the lack of spiritual power and fruitfulness she was experiencing in her walk with God. Suddenly she sensed Jesus standing beside her, asking, “May I have the keys to your life?”

The experience was so realistic, the woman reached into her pocket and took out a ring of keys.

“Are all the keys here?” the Lord asked.

“Yes, except the key to one small room in my life.”

“If you cannot trust Me in all rooms of your life, I cannot accept any of the keys.”

The woman was so overwhelmed at the thought of the Lord moving out of her life altogether, she cried, “Lord! Take the keys to all the rooms of my life.”

Many of us have rooms we hope no one will ever see. We intend to clean them out someday, but someday never seems to come. When we invite Jesus into these rooms, He will help us clean them. With Him, we will have the courage to throw away all the junk, and He will fill the rooms with His love and peace and joy.

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” --- Romans 5:8

Donuts on Cake