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Catherine Brown

Donuts on Cake

The Praise Team opened our morning worship service as we met to worship our Lord and Savior. At the time for the Children’s Story, Jenna Rutland shared with them as they came to the front. Bro. LaVerne Summerlin’s message was “Starting Over” from Romans 7:6.

Sunday evening our guest speaker was Bro. Greg Maxwell in the absence of our Pastor.

Larry Don Seale was ordained as a Deacon at Friendship Baptist Church last Sunday evening at 5:00 pm. Bro. LaVerne Summerlin was asked by Larry Don to give the Charge To The Church. Charge to the Candidate was by E. J. Dideon -- the Pastor. A reception followed the Ordination in the Family Center.

the Week is Dr. David Millican so remember him with a card or visit this week. Hall E, Room 5, Camellia Estates, 1714 White St, McComb, MS 39648

Happy Birthday to David McDaniel Sept. 1; Emily Tate Sept. 2; Phyllis King Sept. 3; Silas Myers Sept. 5.

The New Church Year begins September 1, 2023.

Many people are good starters but poor finishers. When the going starts getting tough they listen to the little imp on their shoulder who whispers, “You can’t do it” and “You’ll never make it.” Because of fear, many others do not even start.

What we must realize is that while doing something requires a risk, so does doing nothing. The risk of action may be failure, but the risks of inaction can be stagnation, dissatisfaction, and frustration -- even loss to an evil enemy.

The story of the covered wagon crossing the plains toward the Golden West began with a song:

The Coward never started; The Weak died on the way; Only the Strong came through!

That’s the way it is in life. But strength does not refer only to physical strength. True strength flows
from the strong spirit -- a spirit made powerful by a close relationship with God. He gives us the will and the tools we need to succeed, the dreams and the vision to show us the way and the wisdom to turn any cursing into a blessing.

Lean on God for direction, and then continue to lean on Him for the wisdom and courage to finish what you’ve begun!

God Bless till next week!

Donuts on Cake
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